Finding Grace in Challenge Part 4: Finding Grace in Wisdom

By Theresa D-Litzenberger


In any challenging life experience, I seek relief through some kind of comfort. Often, the best comfort comes from the wisdom of another person or from an inner wisdom of my own gained from previous life experience.


A New Year's Revolution: Loving Ourselves Just as We Are

Happy New Year!

My wish for 2018 is to accept and love the strange places in myself. I send this wish to all of you as well. I wish you love and acceptance in even the strangest of places in yourselves. It is the beauty of being human, that we all have these gems of strangeness.

Dear friends.

Elder Speak Reflection

In honor of Elder Speak, we share this reflection:

Grandparents Day Activity Sheet

We're excited for the upcoming Elder Speak Program this coming Grandparents Day, September 13th at the Snowy Owl Theatre in Leavenworth.

Stuck In A Rut? Get Out....

The adventure of being alive...

The Ripple Foundation brings alive the work of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey template and presents you with the tools that help to bring more meaning and vitality to your daily life.

The Art of Facilitation - a professional retreat in Mazama, WA

Join The Ripple Foundation for a weekend retreat dedicated to working with groups in a facilitation-collaboration-leadership role. Our focus will be on “observing impacts” and on allowing the process itself to be the measure of the outcomes we experience. We are all facilitators, just as we are all artists in every sphere of our lives from family dynamics to the workplace. This retreat is for anyone who works with others Topics to be discussed and explored

Updated 2014 Breathe! Workshop Pricing

Expand your life by expanding your breath. This 2 hour workshop is all about expanding the vessel of our breath to oxygenate your body, rejuvenate your nervous system and breathe out what is no longer useful. Our highly trained facilitators utilize movement, music and individualized care and attention to make this experience unique, powerful and different every time! Even if you have attended this workshop in the past, don't miss out on a great opportunity to Breathe! into the new year and your intentions!

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