We Have a Vision with Theresa D-Litzenberger

Transformation is defined in many ways and many of us have different processes to get there. 

Theresa D-Litzenberger had some insightful thoughts about the every day moments.

"Transformation doesn’t have to look big. Transformation is when we move from where we are in the moment into who I get to be.

We have a vision of TRANSFORMATION -- Authenticity edition

There are many tools that can cause transformation.  Authenticity is one of them. 

Authenticity is defined as being genuine, real, one's true self.  Do you know where you feel the most authentic?  Do you know what that feels like in your body?

These feelings are vehicles for transformation.  To know how you feel when you feel the freedom to be your authentic self.  Also to know how you feel when you don't feel the freedom to be authentic. 

Play around with it -- see how it feels. 

We have a vision of TRANSFORMATION

Transformation comes in many forms. 

It's most basic definition is changing from one thing to another.

Learning how to sit with discomfort is both a gift and a transformational experience. 

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Finding Grace in Challenge Part 2: Vulnerability

Have you ever avoided someone you know and like because you don’t know what to say?  Or gone down the opposite grocery aisle because you don’t remember a friend or acquaintances name?  This is the common, every day vulnerability that challenges me so often.  Sometimes I imagine that there are perfect people out there who always know what to say and never forget names.  Actually, I don’t think they exist other than in my imagination.   So, this is for all of us who are real, who make mistakes, forget things, and get embarrassed.

Finding Grace in Challenge Part 1: Healthy Boundaries

I don’t have a lot in common with my neighbor.  He likes to rebuild cars and go hunting- I like to work in my garden and have summer bar-b-cues.  But there is one thing that we share, and that is the boundary line between our properties.  Usually when we think of boundaries, we think of something that separates us from someone else. 

A New Year's Revolution: Loving Ourselves Just as We Are

Happy New Year!

My wish for 2018 is to accept and love the strange places in myself. I send this wish to all of you as well. I wish you love and acceptance in even the strangest of places in yourselves. It is the beauty of being human, that we all have these gems of strangeness.

Dear friends.

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