Inward Bound II

A Multi-Stage Classroom Experiential Workshop

The Inward Bound course is a series of indoor classes offered to both the health professional and the lay person. Participants experience a combination of lectures, demonstrations, media presentations, and activities. Inward Bound supports a greater awareness of the correlation between the physical body, habitual thought patterns, systems of beliefs, the mind- body connection, and the energy dynamics within us and around us.

Based on somatic (of the body) centered analysis, the awareness of the body’s structure and habitual patterns become a powerful doorway to our unconscious core material, including the hidden core beliefs which shape our lives and relationships.

It is known that, developmentally, between birth and four years old, our predominant brain wave is in the Delta/Theta range. This is the brainwave of the hypnotic state. Therefore, all the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual influences experienced at that time are directly downloaded into our psyche and thus into every cell of our body.

This course explores our deeper subtle body/mind/emotional and energetic patterns which were created in our psyche by our childhood experiences.

We will track our breath pattern, as well as our particular somatic defenses that are rooted in our life experiences. We explore our foundation images that support and perpetuate tension, holding, and restriction in our body. Above all, we discover how to bring greater consciousness to these dynamics. Greater consciousness gives us the choice and ability to integrate and release these patterns.

“I love this course. It definitely has helped me and helped me understand more about my relationships with my surroundings and with other people.”

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Inward Bound is open to all who seek a greater sense of self empowerment and creativity in their life and relationships. You are welcome to try Inward bound for free; join us for the first session and to see for yourself that the program will truly enhance every aspect of your life. There’s no commitment of time or money; just show up. Your space is waiting.

The course is divided into four Levels. Currently we offer only Levels I and II. Level II date will be determined soon.

We thank you for your consideration and look forward to you joining us.

$190 for two full days: Jan. 20, 2018 and Feb. 3, 2018

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Icicle Center for the Arts

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