Mindful Facilitation


How does MINDFUL FACILITATION differ from other modes of facilitation?


Outcome oriented facilitation is the most common model of group leadership/collaboration. It is goal oriented and focused on the accomplishment of tasks. There is always an agenda to follow, its great usefulness comes from the very fact that for problem “a’ there is a solution “b”. Mindful Facilitation does not discount the value of outcome oriented facilitator training, but the model of Mindful Facilitation incorporates significantly different touchstones and approaches.

Mindful Facilitation is about witnessing and tracking. It is about holding the unknown and embracing th potential unease that can occur as we stay present with the unfolding moment. In group dynamics, tension, opposing views and even conflict can arise. Our ability to engage in the unfolding dynamics is directly related to how we, in our selves, feel about discord.

For some it becomes challenging to stay present because we have been socially conditioned to fix, ignore, or distract from our own unease that we may experience within ourselves. If this happens, our motivation to offer a remedy is driven by our own internal discomfort and not the need of the group.

Mindful Facilitation is about embracing our own unease without fixing, distracting, or ignoring it.

Mindful Facilitation is about witnessing ourselves witness ourselves while being in contact with others. But mostly it is about setting aside the demand for a particular outcome, and observing the impact of the present moment. It is about engaging in the process before us, not the process we think or hope should happen.

It is about the dynamic relationships that develop when, as facilitator/boss/worker/partner/parent, we embody what we are communicating.



Leading a group is complex, challenging work. Even a well-designed agenda can be sidelined by participant anxieties or expectations that create unproductive group dynamics.  So throw your agenda away!

We will introduce new and highly effective approaches that enable you to uncover what’s underneath the challenges your group is facing.  You’ll gain valuable facilitation skills to lead your team with greater cohesion and effectiveness. 



Who Should Attend:

We are all facilitators in various aspects our lives - from family dynamics to the workplace.  This one day seminar is for anyone who works with others and wishes to engage with meaningful results.


Value Delivered:

  • Gain new knowledge, tools and frameworks for managing teams and developing a positive group dynamic
  • Understand the neuroscience of emotion to help you predict and respond (vs. react) to strong emotions in the group, especially when addressing equity issues
  • Plan how to use these skills in your own context

Perfect for: Directors, Managers, Coaches, Teachers, Leaders, Sales and Business Development Professionals, Managers, and anyone responsible for guiding people and teams to collaborate effectively together.


This full spectrum workshop offers practical tools that enable group leaders and participants to engage in unique and highly effective ways.  The Ripple Foundation facilitators provide a path to bridge the groups’ intellectual and emotional dynamics without an agenda and with absolute success.

Even if you’ve attended related sessions before, you’re guaranteed to achieve new and fresh perspectives and approaches that are proven effective in all situations. 100% Satisfaction guaranteed.



Additional Details

Registration Details

March 23, 2019 - 9:00am to 4:00pm

Red Lion Hotel
1225 N Wenatchee Ave
Wenatchee, WA 98801


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