Elder Speak

The Ripple Foundation is proud once again to present Elder Speak, a program dedicated to connecting generations through the forum of conversation.  Supported by art, film, oral history, and discussions we begin to honor the value that each generation has to offer.  Everyone has value and every life matters. In the Elder Speak program we begin with our Elders. Our Elders have lived experiences that offer younger generations a chance to ponder a new way of looking at life. 

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Elder Speak is an invitation into the ancient and timeless art of oral storytelling which has been the keeper of valuable social and cultural treasures for centuries. Modern technology and social media provide our world with infinite outlets for connection and the sharing of information and yet the time for face to face conversation and the passing of ancestral wisdom between generations has become harder and harder to come by. The role of the Elders throughout history and the world’s cultures were those of the storytellers; the ones who remember because they lived through it. The world of today does not create much time or space for the sharing of elder wisdom within our families or communities. Many elders live within communities without the opportunity to interact and share with other generations, and these valuable life stories are lost. Yet, the human desire to know our purpose, our place and our people is stronger than ever. Elder Speak creates a space for these valuable conversations through face to face interactions and the art of film; empowering youth to listen and create and Elders to share and be honored.  Elder Speak invites us all to tell the stories that are so valuable to each life lived and to those future lives awaiting to come to life.  

Connecting Generations is a film project that explores the relationship between generations through artistic and educational documentation; its objective is to spark interest and deepen conversation between people of all ages, creating spaces of inter-generational sharing and learning. Inspired by The Ripple Foundation's Elder Speak program, we seek to capture the wisdom of the elders in our community in a forum that encourages the engagement of younger generations. 

The Elder Speak program believes the journey to wisdom can only be achieved through the thoughtful integration of life experience. As the program continues, we look forward to sharing the stories and the events that evolve.

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09/11/2016 - 2:00pm

Icicle Creek Center for the Arts Snowy Owl Theater

7409 Icicle Road Leavenworth, WA 98826

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