Mindful Aging



When we look for meaning in our life, we find our life has meaning.

Mindful Aging and Elder Speak are a family of programs created by the Ripple Foundation to connect generations and bring the wisdom of our Elders forward to each of us, in a way we can easily digest. Mindful Aging being a one hour discussion, multiple times a year, gives Elders and all generations a chance to connect through the life experiences of those who have walked the paths we have yet to take. Elder Speak, is a one time event to celebrate our Elders. This event brings families together and supports understanding, listening, connection and belonging in our community. 



Aging can seem mysterious, even scary. Mindful Aging gives us the chance to bring our own aging into focus, and the opportunity to ask for guidance and wisdom from our Elders. 

Elders from our local assisted living facility, invite anyone interested to  Mindful Aging to come and share thoughts, insights, questions, and life experiences with one another.  



We consider: 

What’s next in my life?  

Will I be able to handle whatever comes?  

Is there anyone who understands what I’m going through? 


The Elders in Mindful Aging act as guides and counsel providing perspective and even sanity to our ever changing bodies and souls. Topics from Dreams to Relationships to Fear and Letting Go are discussed. Each topic is carefully considered and yet laughter punctuates each discussion 


One Elder says, “Peer-to-peer support is more helpful for aging people because they understand better than someone who is younger and hasn’t gone through the same experience. There is support in sharing with someone who has been through the same experience.” 


No matter what age, there is something for each of us in a Mindful Aging discussion. From my 10 year old, to a neighbor just about to reach retirement, each experiences the gift of being listened to and enjoys feeling their own value as the Elders discuss whatever question come forward. 







07/11/2019 - 10:00am
07/18/2019 - 10:00am

Mountain Meadows Senior Living Campus

Mountain Room

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