Reflections on The Ripple Foundation

By Hana Butler - I first became aware of The Ripple Foundation when I first took Inward Bound in 2008 and have been involved ever since. I think that brainstorming and conceptualizing “Ripple” began in 2009, although there is a sense of always having been aware of this work...

What stands out for me the most is the intentionality of everything. My involvement with Ripple has provided me with an opportunity to be engaged in shifting the paradigm of how we ‘do’ experiential education; how things are created, facilitated and experienced.

I give my time and money to The Ripple Foundation because it moves me deeply every time I witness someone feel deep connection to themselves and another. The amount of courage it takes to show up in these vulnerable places where we challenge our belief systems and our familiar patterns is humbling, inspiring and an amazing feeling of connection to the human race. I love seeing these people in their daily lives and getting an overwhelming sense of gratitude for being a witness to their journey. Knowing we are together in the trials, tribulations and radiant joy of this life makes my day a better day. I give my time, my creative impulse and my open, compassionate heart. I bring my willingness to experience all that we ask of participants and to do the work… To be engaged with other staff and the board in the co-creative process.

I do this work for Me, all those who are around me, my community and the greater world. I am incredibly grateful for the relationships and tribal bonds within the staff, Celia and the board. It fulfills that deep place in me to truly belong, to be seen and to matter....Because it is amazing, beautiful, radical, radiant and an adventure traveling into wild places unexplored, mysterious and inviting of a Heroine

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