Stuck In A Rut? Get Out....

The adventure of being alive...

The Ripple Foundation brings alive the work of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey template and presents you with the tools that help to bring more meaning and vitality to your daily life.

  • Explore the adventure of life
  • Challenge the idealistic images
  • Let go of the life you have so carefully planned
  • Experience the life that is waiting for you

>> DOWNLOAD THE FLYER HERE << The journey is conveniently structured and experienced in nature around Leavenworth WA. We will provide information and materials including readings, references and videos. The tuition of $395 includes all course work material and the weekend immersion retreat and is backed with a solid 100% money-back guarantee. The retreat includes expert facilitation, incredible meals and outdoor accommodations—camping in the beautiful outdoor playground of the Leavenworth valley. There will be limited indoor lodging available upon request. Please email or call with questions or register online. Bring a friend and save $100 ($50 Each); most major credit/debit cards accepted. Scholarships available. Money-back Guarantee.

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