Updated 2014 Breathe! Workshop Pricing

Expand your life by expanding your breath. This 2 hour workshop is all about expanding the vessel of our breath to oxygenate your body, rejuvenate your nervous system and breathe out what is no longer useful. Our highly trained facilitators utilize movement, music and individualized care and attention to make this experience unique, powerful and different every time! Even if you have attended this workshop in the past, don't miss out on a great opportunity to Breathe! into the new year and your intentions!

The January 7th Workshop will be the last workshop at the old 2013 pricing; just $20 per person.  Space is limited so advanced registration is encouraged.  

* Please note that as we become more in tune with the costs of delivering services and developing the curriculums you’ve come to love; we must evaluate our pricing scale.  As such, future Breathe! Workshops will be $34 per person. 

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