Willingness !

A few days ago it occurred to me that will and willingness are similar. This may be obvious to some, but it’s been a surprise to me. Somehow will had gotten a very negative connotation in my mind. (Think willful child; will resided in the same neighborhood in my mind as selfish, demanding and naughty not nice, definitely no gifts from Santa if I acted from that place.) Child consciousness, yes, but until now it’s been running in the shadows, hidden under the need to be good or kind. When I change will to willingness, the fear to act is gone. The old programing that says I’m not allowed to be willful crumbles because “willingness” elicits only a positive response from within myself. Can it really be this easy? I think it can. I am willing to be responsible, to be vulnerable, to make mistakes and move forward. I find that when I explore the idea of willingness I feel forward movement. To be willing is an action in itself! As we move into this season of giving, peace, love and hope, I offer my willingness. It’s a surprisingly exciting and enlivening place to come from. Merry Christmas dear friends, ~ Deb  

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