Creating the Environment

The Ripple Foundation is dedicated to offering tools and creating opportunities for both personal and professional enhancement.

What we do:

The Ripple Foundation is a local nonprofit organization providing tools for authentic,empowered communication.

  • TRF creates opportunities that help us navigate life with grace and ease. 
  • TRF offers tools that enhance our productivity, our efficiency and our compassion.
  • TRF provides tools for authentic, empowered communication.
  • TRF creates a community that teaches the life skills we need so we can engage with the world in a meaningful, purposeful and effective manner.

The Ripple Foundation is dedicated to deepening compassionate connections in diverse communities. 

Our course offerings ignite a sense of passion, purpose, and creativity for individuals and families,  private and public organizations. We invite you to explore and discover our unique and dynamic seminars, workshops and retreats to help you become a more compassionate and effective member of your family, team and community.

OUR VISION: A World of Compassionate Connections

OUR MISSION: "Creating opportunities to transform ourselves, our relationships, our community, and the world"

OUR PURPOSE: The Ripple Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization created for charitable and educational purposes. The experiential nature of the organization is tailored to and serves people of all ages and backgrounds.  Challenging oneself in a safe and supportive environment allows for the awakening of self-discovery, character development, and a deeper sense of passion, purpose, and creativity that further supports individuals and groups in their service to the greater community.

OUR EXPERIENCE: We do not offer activities; rather, we create environments in which we have the opportunity to experience personal enhancement.  Our course work is diverse, varied, exciting. From classroom seminars workshops to outdoor retreats, our programs integrate educational presentations with our experiential based model.  Our classroom engagements offer stimulating and thought provoking concepts ranging from brain neuro-physiology to discussions on human energy field dynamics. Our outdoor courses challenge our self imposed limitations. By doing so we expand the way we define ourselves, thus enriching our lives and experiences.

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